How to Clean Your Home Without Chemicals

Using chemicals while cleaning your house damages your health over time. It may seem harmless and convenient to use them at the time, but more problems related to house cleaning chemicals are coming up every day.

In the interests of save and natural cleaning, I’ve put together a list of simple tips that will allow you to clean your house just as efficiently without using any chemicals at all. Read on to find out how!

Natural Dirt Removal

Instead of using window cleaner products, you can use a solution of water and ammonia. To balance your solution, add ten times as much water as you do ammonia.

Once you finish cleaning up each window make sure to dry it with a paper towel or washcloth thoroughly. As soon as it’s dry, you should have a crystal-clear window!

You can also clean your mirrors with this solution with the addition of a tablespoon or so of alcohol to remove any grease on it.

Natural Floor Cleaner

Vacuuming your carpet is perfectly safe as it is but using cleaners on wooden floors leaves poisonous fumes that will slowly degrade your health over the years.

Instead, use vinegar and water with a similar balance to the ammonia and water. (1-part vinegar to 10-parts water) Use warm water on wooden floors and boiling water for tiles.

When you do vacuum your carpet, there are often still dirt particles left underneath it. To remove these, sprinkle cornstarch and baking soda over it and leave it there for at least half an hour. After waiting, vacuum as usual and watch the color of your carpet brighten up!

Cleaning an Old Oven

I hate cleaning my oven! It used to be so frustrating how quickly the damn thing got dirty again. Fortunately, I discovered an easy method for making your oven look brand new again.

All you need to do is mix water and baking soda (1-part water to 2-parts baking soda) and spread the resulting paste all over the inside surface of your oven. After half an hour, wash the paste out as best you can and dry it. Make sure your oven is not plugged into the wall when you do this!

After drying the oven, spray any dirty marks with white vinegar and let that sit for another half an hour. Wipe down the oven and enjoy the brand-new look of it all over again!

Home Health Care Services

If you feel like you’re having trouble taking care of your home or yourself, consider home health care services. These health care professionals can teach you home cleaning tricks while helping you recover from whatever illness or trouble you’re currently experiencing.

There’s no shame in asking for help when you need it. Consult with your doctor today!

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