Common Mistakes that Cause Fungal Infection

Fungal infections are a nuisance. Once you have one, it can take weeks to get rid of it. If only there were a way to avoid getting them. Oh, wait! There is!

Fungal infections occur because of everyday actions that you may not be aware of. Once I tell you what these mistakes are, you should be able to avoid any fungal infection in the future. Interested? I know I am!

Airtight Shoes and Socks

Depending on where you are going and what you are doing, we all sometimes need to wear socks and shoes. What we don’t need are terribly designed shoes and socks that lock your feet into an airtight pool of sweat.

Make sure to wear thin socks and open shoes as often as possible. If you must wear socks, make sure to change them if they get sweaty. I’m sure we’d all rather wash a couple of extra pairs of socks over treating fungal infection, right?

Sweaty or Wet Clothing

You can’t help but sweat if you exercise but the mistake is not changing your clothes after doing so. Even when your clothes have dried up after a couple of hours, the damage has already been done. Fungi can easily spread through sweaty or wet clothing and land right on your skin.

Whenever you go swimming, jogging, or even if you get caught in the rain, you need to change your clothes as soon as possible. I would also recommend taking a shower to reduce the chance of fungal infection further.

Public Pools and Showers

If you can carry this stuff around on your wet clothing, then I guarantee you someone in the public pool did too. The chances of picking up fungal spores from someone else in a pool is higher than you’d expect. What’s more is that you can be quite susceptible to athlete’s foot which is a nasty fungal infection that irritates the skin and can even cause it to crack open further exposing you to infection.

The best means of avoiding this, aside from not using public pools and showers, is to wear flip-flops or crocs when in the shower or walking around a public pool. Wearing something on your feet won’t help once you’re in the pool so make sure you rinse and wash yourself thoroughly before leaving.

Already Infected?

If you are infected or later get an infection despite your precautions, antifungal creams are the best remedy. If you want to know what antifungal creams work the best you can find Samantha’s recommendations here. Prevention is better than cure, but make sure you know the cure as well!

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